Our passion is creating ideas that not only inform, but transform. Not only communicate, but resonate.

Welcome to ZUM Communications. Your story, well told.



Executive Communications

From industry events to product launches; online, on-camera, or on-stage, we help you inspire audiences and launch big ideas. Full Production Keynote & Presentations Leadership Branding Media Training Exec-Level Communications Coaching


Marketing Communications

ZUM helps you tell your story through integrated marketing campaigns. From copy to creative, we make sure your story is crisp and clear, and drives real results. Messaging & Narrative Development High-Impact Pitches White Papers & Presentations Social Media


Employee Engagement

In the age of social media, employees can be your most vocal advocates in the marketplace. We help you win their hearts through compelling, authentic communications. Internal Communications Strategy Employee Engagement Campaigns Change Communications Brand Evangelism


Communications Training

It’s not just about the quality of your story, but the capabilities of your storytellers. Our research-based communications training give your spokespersons ready-to-use skills to engage and wow audiences. TED-worthy presentation skills Story development Creating effective visuals Question and objection handling


We are proud to work along side these great brands. clients-4 no intel

“ZUM helped us take reams of data and craft a clear, engaging story. We were very happy with the results.”

— Kevin Flick, PhD, Senior Researcher, PATH


We’re a team of writers, artists, producers, planners, and idea-makers, united by our passion for stories. From strategy to content to creative – we work with organizations to launch big ideas.

Jun Young, PhD Principal

Tiffanny Brooks Senior Director

Lindy Henry Senior Communications Manager

Peter McKiernan Senior Communications Manager

Angela Powell Senior Graphic Designer

Kelsey Frause Senior Communications Manager

Karla Rose Hanson Senior Communications Manager

Zoey Vong Graphic Designer

Mark Rybak Graphic Designer


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